Young Breast Cancer haunt

Rabu, 30 Juni 2010

Young Breast Cancer haunt
FROM time to time, the number of breast cancer patients in Indonesia continues to grow. Of concern, the last few years begun to attack breast cancer patients among the young.
The myth that says if breast cancer is often attacked women already aged over 30 years, seemed unbroken. Because, now aged breast cancer patients increasingly shifted to the young women who the new kid aka BIG (ABG).
The data collected by the Jakarta Breast Health Foundation says many patients with breast cancer at relatively young ages. In fact, not a few young girls fourteen years of age suffering from a tumor in the breast. This is of course sad and disturbing.
"Last I handle it is still 15 years old. That's the reality we experience problems, "said Chairman of the Breast Health Foundation Jakarta Sutjipto Spb Dr. (K) Onk when signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the partnership Ristra Group in the House of Ristra, Radio Dalam, Jakarta.
Sutjipto revealed, once when he was still undergoing new medical profession, about 40 years ago, breast cancer is still dominated by women aged over 35 years. Increasingly, age of patients actually continued to decline.
"Starting last five years, cases under 25 years became more and more," he said.
The fact is, he's bright, the exact cause is still unknown because of cancer associated with multifactor.
But the most important thing at all, strict Sutjipto, is related to lifestyle (lifestyle) a person, especially unhealthy foods (junk food), smoking, alcohol or it could be because of late marriage.
"Today many women are more concerned with careers so late to get married. It's also become a risk factor because they could be giving birth at age 35 years and over, "said Sutjipto who was also in the oncologists Dharmais Cancer Hospital Jakarta.
Sutjipto argued, by the higher rate of breast cancer patients in Indonesia is also due to the low awareness of women for early detection of breast cancer by regular breast screening or mammography equipment called.
"Here is more familiar pap smear checks for cervical cancer prevention than amografi," he said.
In other countries, he said, the effort of early detection has become a national program. In Japan for example, when the population of 40-year-old woman, she automatically get a voucher from the government to run the mammography at the hospital. While most countries in Europe, his insurance company has included a routine checkup mammography in health claims.
"Symptoms of breast cancer did not exist. Approximately 60% of patients with breast cancer in Indonesia just knowing when the disease had entered an advanced stage. Well, if early detection is, of course, can prevent the disease getting worse, "said Sutjipto.
Related to the number of patients in Indonesia, bright Sutjipto, till now not known with certainty. There, only the data per hospital. Dharmais Cancer Hospital in Jakarta for example, on average each month comes around 30-50 new patients. Compared to the world, is increasing the number of sufferers in the country is almost the same.
But a growing concern in Indonesia and other developing countries, overall survival (survival rate) is low because they only receive medical treatment when already in an advanced stage.
"If the developed countries is still an early stage has been handled, so the survival rate was much better," he explained.
Therefore, the government expects more attention Sutjipto this problem. Not only the government, he also urged the private sectors and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) who care about it to move with resolve these issues.
Including the Breast Health Foundation which has been long engaged to disseminate and conduct counseling to all women in Indonesia, especially Jakarta residents to always be careful and do a routine early detection of breast cancer.
"Although not feel any symptoms, it is mandatory mammography tests for women over the age of 35 years. We ourselves in Jakarta Breast Health Foundation has a mammography unit car. So who wants breast check-ups, unnecessary to the hospital again, "added Sutjipto.
Founder of the House of Ristra Dr. Iswari Tranggono GDSS Retno said it continues to cooperate with the various parties in the effort to educate the general public health issues related to women, especially breast cancer, considering the problem of cancer has become a frightening scourge that must be handled properly.
Relations with skin health, said Retno, because our natural environment is one of the triggers of cancer, including sun too overpowering, and dirty air from an unhealthy environment.
And if the particles into the skin, can cause negative reactions in the cell in the body, which eventually can cause cancer. That, he continued, the importance of Ristra products to protect the skin during daily activities outside the home.
"Cosmetic products which we produce in Ristra based on the concept of medical health. For breast cancer patients, we also have a post-therapy products. For example products for hair loss and skin burns caused by chemotherapy that has been clinically proven, "he explained.
State Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (PP & PA Minister) Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar as the founder of Breast Health Foundation in Jakarta, demanding that women should routinely check the possibility of mammography for breast cancer can be detected early, especially in remote areas of health services still limited.

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